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Agile Product Management Training

We’re happy to set up private, on-site, one-on-one or group training sessions personalized to meet your needs.

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Thinking that everything should fit into a one-size-fits-all box is decidedly un-Agile. That’s why we offer — and encourage — custom, on-site trainings. 

Our custom training sessions can be geared for individuals, entire companies, or any increment between. Trainings can be held at your location anywhere in the world. They can last just a few hours or be part of ongoing work that spans years.

When we contract to provide a custom training, we’ll work with you to tailor the program to match your specific situation and audience. We regularly fly in to certify groups of Product Owners or ScrumMasters; we help stakeholders understand the benefits of Agile development so they can adjust their expectations and actions; we can help you get started with Scrum, or revitalize your enthusiasm for the process should it flag.

Find out more about what a custom training program might look like for you or your company by getting in touch.

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