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Sprint Strong’s founders have been coaching and managing cross-cultural and cross-functional Agile teams and supporting agile transformations for over 12 years in software companies of all sizes across the world; so they have experienced the real challenges of implementing Agile methodologies and know-how businesses really work, not just an idealized version.


Afshin Shaw

A problem-solver at heart, Afshin started programming at 9 years old, teaching himself using books (and a lot of practice!), and had already developed and sold an accounting software package by the time he was 13. Afshin’s enthusiasm for software development gave him a thirst to understand the concepts, best design, and development principles behind Software  Engineering so he then went on to study the subject at university. 
More recently Afshin has been awarded a Global MBA from the prestigious Duke university alongside working with agile teams to develop and release products that are used in 30+ countries by some of the world’s largest brands such as Coca-Cola, Unilever, P&G, Lexus, Johnson & Johnson, Volkswagen, and Takeda. He has experienced first hand almost every possible scenario and worked in multiple Agile roles very closely with UX and UI designers, software engineers, leadership teams, product marketing, sales, support, and customer success.

Afshin is now focused on helping companies to learn how to optimize team performance and profitability by showing the weaknesses and strengths of Agile tools, and how leaders can increase organizational agility.

Sahar Abdizadeh

Sahar is a customer-obsessed Product Manager and Interaction Designer with extensive experience designing software products that are used by some of the world’s largest brands.

Her experience spans the worlds of product strategy, product management, product design, and user experience design and research across several verticals including Business Automation, Hospitality, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, and Event Management.

Sahar's academic background in Integrated Computational Design and Human-Computer Interaction and Design from the University of California, Irvine along with a decade of professional experience in building software products arm her with all that's needed to deliver the most appropriate solutions to her clients. .


Sahar’s a firm believer in collaboration with internal and external stakeholders including software engineering, product marketing, sales, support, the leadership team, and customers. She is now ready to help companies understand how combining internal/external collaboration with a mature user empathy delivers solutions to the user’s problems that are also aligned with company objectives.

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